When it comes to pizza, I am my mother’s child. See, growing up I always remember my Mom absolutely loving pizza. She’s a pretty self-controlled person in general but pizza slices? Always a weakness. Same here. Nearly any kind! We usually got Papa Johns but that is not really my style these days.

My favorite pizza EVER is from the Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marketplace, where I’d just buy one, huge heaping slice and that was enough. Unfortunately, South Carolina is kinda far away.

My second favorite kind is Max’s Place in Bloomington. Again, kind of a problem for a girl who lives in Washington, DC.

Since my third favorite kind of pizza is homemade, I’m in luck most of the time. While I could eat pizza everyday, literally, I usually limit it to abut once a week if possible. We even on the frozen kind quite a bit but I’m kind of over it. It was time for the good stuff this week.

 Ham, Pineapple & Pepperoni Pizza
*Preheat oven to 350.
Step 1: Roll out some pizza dough (I bought it in the can, cheater!), add pizza sauce & cheese (lots!)

Step 2: Add your favorite toppings. In this case, extra cheese, pepperoni on one half and ham and pineapple on the other!

Step 3: Bake in oven for 20-25 minutes, keep a close eye on it. For some reason, my pepperoni half got more done than the other half. 

*I actually drizzled some balsamic on the ham/pineapple side because I am in love with  balsamic but that’s optional. Then, I topped my slices with a healthy dose of parmesan!

QUESTION TIME: I am always looking for NEW pizza places, brands, etc. to try. What are your favorite pizza places, recipes, brands? Seriously, taking suggestions because I try new stuff all the time. Maybe someday soon someone will be able to top Kiawah Island! (doubtful but possible!)

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