It’s been one of those weeks. I can’t  pinpoint why but maybe it’s because I was starting this 21-day prayer journey and the negativity started flowing for a reason, if you know what I mean. I’m praying through it.

I believe that God will do a work in my heart and through the prayers that I lift up this month. In three days, I feel so much closer to Him. But it’s not all about feeling. It’s about choices. It’s about faith. It’s about grace.

I’ve been feeling trapped by my own anxieties, fears and insecurities. Hurting my back this week left me with no way to use my normal “control” method, which is to run. So I’ve been sitting in the feelings, staring them in the face instead of running away or stuffing them with ice cream or drowning them in wine.

But sometimes that’s good. And that’s when we can hear Him. It’s when we become better.

So I say Hallelujah and praise to Him for all the prayers He’s already answered. Even the ones I’ve yet to pray. He knows my heart.

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