My mom and sister running with James for his FIRST marathon!

Back on My Feet is an organization that’s near and dear to my heart. It encompasses so many qualities I believe in, including using exercise to maintain and provide inspiration. Additionally, I think it does something for those who are trying to “get back on their feet” that most charitable organizations don’t do. It provides incentive to be better, to do better, to live better.

Goals, positivity, good choices…every. It’s based on a method of re-choosing the right thing every day, one step at a time. It’s running but it’s about way more than that. It’s about achievement, satisfaction, hope and so much more.

Since I started running with the DC group, I’ve also decided to become an online crusader for the cause. I am unofficially calling myself a BOMF online ambassador because I believe so deeply in the cause. If you are reading this blog post, chances are you can care about fitness and you care about people — or have some interest in the subjects I cover. That’s just the kind of blog this is.


Now, listen up! Back on My Feet has partnered with the G-Team (Groupon’s community outreach initiative) to run a campaign Tuesday-Thursday (1/3-1/5) to help raise awareness and funds for BoMF!
You can help us out with the campaign by:

1. Subscribe to Groupon (if you don’t already) in Washington DC or Baltimore before the campaign launch!

2. Check the daily Groupon e-mail to view our campaign, which will be featured along the right hand side of the main deal and under the list of daily deals.

3. Support the campaign with a pledge of $10 and spread the word to friends and family, encouraging them to do the same!

*100% of the funds raised will go to Back on My Feet, but we need at least 50 supporters to “tip” the campaign!

Here is todays’ deal, but there will another tomorrow. Check back! Click HERE for today’s deal!

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