Ideas for cross training? This one is fun 🙂

Yesterday morning, while doing the workout (below) that I found on Pinterest, I hurt my back. Ahhh! Two years ago, I shifted a disc in my back and had to take three months off from running and go to physical therapy three times a week for the entire time. It was brutal.

The good part was — I took up swimming (conveniently, my apartment had a full size indoor lap swimming pool that no one used) and major cross training on the recumbant bike. I learned that I won’t die or gain 30 pounds without running in my life. I learned I could take a break from exercising and things would be okay. So, really, it was a blessing in disguise.

But I want another one of these (soon please!) !!!!

This time, I’m really hoping it goes away. I wasn’t marathon training back then, now I am — and with a determination. Yesterday, I walked bent over all day and struggled to sit without pain. Things have improved by about 50% today — thank God. Obviously, I’m taking the day off from working out, tomorrow too. Fingers loosely crossed that Friday I will feel much better.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to push myself its not a good idea but I am praying that my back will heal so I can get back to it. It does keep me sane, so to speak.

My sister and I after a race in Myrtle Beach

Know why? Because running gets me through — especially in mid-January with seasonal affective disorder is in full swing. It gets my sister, Lindsey, through too — which is why I loved the title of her blog post (and just stole that line from her!)

I hope you’ll take a minute to click over to her blog and read about how running helped her get through life the two miscarriages she recently suffered. Her post exemplifies how running can truly be a savior in tough times. Here is an excerpt: 

After the most recent miscarriage, I had big plans on running the Myrtle Beach Marathon with Glenn in February. Well, not really with him. He is shooting to run a 2:55 and I wanted to go 3:15. As many people do, I have found it is easier to deal with hard circumstances when you have a goal and something to spend your energy on in a positive way. Last year, we started training for the Piney Point Marathon 4 weeks after the first loss. I know for sure it got me through the rain. And I ran a 10 minute PR. (I want another one of those!)  I don’t lie when I say running is my daily “happy pill”-sometimes you just need a bigger dose than usual. 

Read the whole thing here. 

QUESTION TIME: How has running helped you “get through?” I’d love to hear more stories about using running to get through tough times so please share.

*If I get enough responses, I’m going to do another post focused on the answers and link back to those folks.

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