So we all know there about 10,000 versions now of the “Shit Girls Say” video that came out several weeks ago. I’ve seen some horrid ones and some that are funnier than others. Of course nothing compares to the original, which was SO my roommates and I in the 2007-ish era (I loved the part where he comes out to the living room to say, “Can you turn that down a little bit?”)

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But, as a runner, I am compelled to post the latest rendition, “Shit Runners Say.” And, yeah, it will probably only be funny to runners, but some of it is sooo true. Thanks to Christine at These Happy Miles for leading me to it! Don’t forget to click below it for the phrases I added 🙂

Plus I’ve got a few of my own phrases to add! Check out my list and then please add your own in the comments section. I’m sure I’m missing some really good ones!

1. I can’t stop thinking about the 18-miler I have to run this weekend.

2. My favorite running snacks are sport beans, shot blocks and Honey Stingers. 
3. I’m not drinking this week so I can be hydrated and PR in the 8k on Saturday.

4. Crap, I forgot my body glide! This is going to hurt. 

5. Time for new shoes, I’ve already run 500 miles in the ones I have!

6. Do you want to get up on Saturday and run 10 miles at 7 — AM?

7. Vanilla Bean Gu totally tastes like cake. (Just me? Maybe…) 

8. Old Navy’s “running clothes” are just not legit.

9. You only want to run 3 miles? Okay, I’ll just do four before we meet up and then run 3 with you.

10. These $30 compression socks I just bought are awesome!

11. This marathon fee was only $75! 

12. Dinner’s at 7? Great that’s plenty of time to run home from work, shower and be there.

13. Oh, can you stop at CVS so I can pick up two bags of ice for my bath? 

14. Did you see those awesome arm sleeves that Kara Goucher was wearing? I want some!

15. If I can just PR, I’ll be happy for the rest of the year.

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