Running in the moonlight?

So….as ya’ll know, I’ll be marathon training again very soon for the DC Rock n’ Roll Marathon on March 17th. One problem with hardcore training, though, is that it kind of zaps the fun out of Friday nights for your significant other (well, and yourself.)

Maggie and I both have supportive guys but they aren’t huge fans of us having to get to bed early so we can get up and run 20 miles. In order to cut back on this issue — and return to my weekends of “freedom” — I’ve considered trying to do a long run in the morning before work on occasion.

My brother in law once did a 20-mile training run before work and got there on time! Now, he’s a 3-hour marathoner, so his 20 miles will take a LOT less time than mine. But…can it really be done?

I’m marathon training for this time – so I should be able to do 20 miles in under 3 hours – right?! Oh wow, if I run the marathon in 3:55, I will die and go to heaven. I’m pretty sure I will fall down at the finish line and cry!

Maggie and I talked about it on our oh so long car ride to the Hot Chocolate 15k this weekend and decided it could be done but it certainly wasn’t preferred. We decided we’d have to start running around 3:30 or 4 am in order to finish 20, shower and commute in to work on time.  Obviously, I’d have to have a partner because it’s dark and scary out there!

I kind of wonder if its safe for two girls to be running like that even together but I haven’t decided yet. Ooohh. Maggie suggested doing the long run AFTER work. I really dislike this idea because when I work out after work, I’m always sluggish and have stomach issues.

To consider running that much after work would be excruciating. I remember when Ali did this and I was amazed at her preparation. The mental exhaustian of thinking about it all day would kill. Like yesterday, when all I could do was feel bad for all the ladies running Vegas — which began at 4pm!

Nobody would mess with THIS even at 3am on a deserted sidewalk.

The other option is hitting the treadmill in my apartment oh so early in the morning but I can only last so long on a treadmill. Seven miles and then I’m raring to get off of that thing. Additionally, the little gym in our apartment kind of freaks me out because it’s in a separate building from my place and it just seems creepy and empty. My gym doesn’t open until 6am so I couldn’t go that route either. I’ve considered switching to L.A. Fitness which opens at 5am but…(side note: my sister calls L.A. Fitness the “hot people gym” because everyone that goes there is super in shape and well, hot. Not so sure I need that.)

But, here’s the thing — I want to free up my weekends. I love nothing more than to wake up on Saturday whenever I feel like it, drink coffee, play with the blogs and leisurely decided on what to do next with no plan. Has anyone out there ever done this kind of plan? I’d honestly love to hear about some unconventional marathon training plans. I know they’re out there! What are your secrets?

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