So I’d heard of this blog, “Ben Does Life” a few times since I began fitness blogging. But, I never checked it out. Somehow, the site or the video to go with it never crossed my path. I’m not sure how that happened, considering I spend the majority of my day on the Internet (Haven’t you heard…I work for the Internet.)

Anyway, the last issue of Runner’s World that I read is all about “real people.” Instead of the toned, tan, elite runners we normally see, this issue had the normal, awesome, try-really-hard people that comprise the majority of their readership.

This included the story of Ben, a morbidly obese guy, who changed his life through running. Now, look, I am a sucker for any heartfelt video that is put to Coldplay’s “Fix You” because that is one, amazing, inspirational song. And Ben’s video was no different.

In fact, Ben’s created a movement called “Do Life” and I’m in love with it. As someone who used to spend a lot of time feeling sorry for herself, I try to exude this in my life daily. While I was holding it down tight with good old “Nike,” I think I like “Do Life” better than “Just do it” but both will get the job done if you say them out loud enough times.

It may not be your personal goal to run a marathon — or even a 10k. This morning at Back on My Feet, I ran with a new member and his goal is to run a mile without stopping. We ran a mile and stopped only once — twice as good as last week. I may only have run a mile with him but it was one of the most gratifying miles I’ve run in my life. Because he’s starting over, because he’s setting goals, because he’s “doing life.” It’s pretty cool to do it with him.

Maybe you want to ride a bike or learn to swim or master yoga. Maybe you want to dance salsa or climb a mountain. Whatever it is, find it, express it and “do life.”

I’ll just say this…sometimes you don’t realize what you’re missing out on until you try it. And when you “do it,” you recognize how much it mattered that you did. And, then you want others to know that joy to. That’s kinda why I run. That’s why I want to tell people about it. I wasn’t always the me I am now. Yeah, it’s hard — this life stuff — but it’s worth it. And it’s better with friends. 

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