One of my favorite things is to try out new restaurants — especially for brunch. There is even a blog in the DC area dedicated to the subject: Bitches Who Brunch. We found Birch and Barley as a suggestion for lunch through them. I can’t help but love the name of that blog!

Something unique: Fried doughnut holes smothered in chocolate, cinnamon & more!

While it was not easy to find a parking spot near Logan Circle (damn those stupid D.C. circle drives!), I could tell I was excited to eat at this place when I first passed it. I met up there with Michelle and Ari — and Michelle has all the details about the fabulous service, fantastic food, and great experience we had.

My entree: Huevos Rancheros, a pepper jack-avocado omelet, pupusa, & applewood bacon ( I had already eaten!!)

I’m a very indecisive person when it comes to menus. It’s rough! I have mental battles — like, I reeaalllly want that high fat, calorie-laden dish but maybe that will make me feel too full so I should get this lighter yet also delicious sounding option. I make it a bigger deal than necessary but still!

The Boozy Brunch special was the best choice for us. It comes with 2 drinks (hello mimosas!), an entree of your choice, and three mini-fried doughnut holes. Only $30, that’s a deal in this city!

Michelle’s corn beef has with fried duck eggs. I sampled = amazing!

All in all, my favorite bite probably was the sample I took from the corned beef hash. Duck eggs sounded strange to me, as well, but…hey, I like the unique offers on the menu.

The doughnut holes were absolutely declicious, and something you won’t see at every brunch place you go to. As Michelle mentions in her post, I really liked that they didn’t rush us off as we sat talking at the table after the meal. That is a real turn on for me, beccause I’m usually at brunch with my friends and need that relaxing time to catch up!

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