Our family — minus Cef (he’s overseas working hard!)

It was a very Merry Christmas yesterday for our family! We woke up and had our traditional Christmas breakfast, cooked by Dad. It included hash browns, egg casserole and some amazing fluffy biscuits, of which I ate no less than three!

Glenn and Lindsey arrived after spending Christmas Eve in Crown Point with Glenn’s family. We had a busy Christmas day ahead, with church plopped in the middle of it all due to it being Sunday.

He’s a big eater. Future Iron Man.

I attempted some spontaneous photos but failed rather miserably. It’s hard to capture expressions and good angles when you are not a real photographer, you have a point and shoot, and everything is so scattered on Christmas morning.

However, I did manage to get Giovanna ready to open her first gift. She hasn’t quite mastered the unwrapping — or understanding what Christmas is about. I have a feeling next year she will be a bit more fun with the gifts. Nevertheless, she certainly got the most!

Grandma and Grandpa came over to have breakfast, like they do every year. Don’t you love my Grandma’s Christmasy sweater vest? I think sometimes I take for granted the fact that I was able to grow up in the same place as both of my sets of grandparents.

Many kids don’t but I was always surrounded by lots of family that loved me. Luckily, now I can always come home to Indiana and feel the same love!

I got some awesome presents this year — meaning awesome because many of them went to good causes. My mom is an expert charity giver. She always purchases items that are free trade and support people who are trying to make a living in poorer countries. If it’s not an item like that, she is sure to purchase American products in order to support our businesses here. It’s pretty cool actually. I’m going to write a post later about some of those causes our gifts supported.

I stole this photo from Andrea but wanted to include Grandma, Avery & Chloe on the blog too! Such a cute one!

Below, I’m holding the gift from Shelby — which is a homemade (she ordered) running medal holder. I cannot wait to put it up in my office. Right now, my marathon medals are just laying on a book shelf but this will be awesome to display. As you know, my marathons are some of my proudest accomplishments in my life.

Well, her shirt says she was good all year. I can’t say I found anything bad to speak of spending a lot of time with my favorite girl this season. She gets cuter and smarter every single day. Giovanna was the highlight of Christmas for me and I’m so thankful for the joy she brings to our lives. I love her and her mom a whole lot!

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