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Yesterday was Day #2 of taking pro-active steps to improve my eating habits, according to tips I’m learning from “Crazy, Sexy, Diet.” Dang — there is a LOT to remember! But, luckily, Kris doesn’t make you feel like you have to remember everything and do it all to perfection.

I woke up at 5:15am and had a mini-Lara bar (cashew cookie) and then drove into the city for my second day of running with Back on My Feet DC. I was nervous again, because I still really don’t know people (and it’s kind of a shady area to be in so dark and early in the morning!) but everything was fine. It’s shocking how many people are up and about going to work at 5:45am!

I ran 5 miles with a few people and it was a glorious run on the National Mall. Cool starting out but a perfect temp when running from near the Capitol down to the Mall, past the Washington Monument to the Jefferson Memorial, around and back. I SO wish I had my camera because it was from the photo books this morning was. I felt lucky to be alive and running in America today!

I didn’t take this but it was this pretty — if not prettier — this morning during my run!

I dashed home afterwards with 45 minutes to get ready to leave for work. I had a green smoothie with spinach, kale, strawberries, unsweetened almond milk, blueberries, banana, SuperGreen chocolate mix and Stevia for breakfast. Now that is a healthy breakfast! I had so much that I froze some to drink tomorrow morning for breakfast as well. Two hours later I was hungry again, so I had a vegan, gluten-free, Dark Chocolate covered, pretzel & sea salt Nugo Nutrition Bar. Hot damn, that was a good bar! It’s hard to believe it’s vegan & gluten free and full of good stuff but it was!

Photo credit to: Zoomyyummy

For lunch, I had a kale and spinach salad with strawberries, a ton of carrots, red bell peppers, sunsprouts, a sprinkling of goat cheese and light raspberry vinegarette dressing. I thought maybe that would hold me until dinner but not so much. I caved and ate my peanut butter and jelly sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread, as well as two mini-candy bars that were begging to be eaten in the office kitchen!

I don’t know about you girls (and guys, hey!), but when I’m working out regularly, I have to eat during the day — like a lot. I’m the type of person that needs a snack every 1-2 hours. I don’t have huge snacks or meals so this is normal but sometimes I start to feel guilty or try to start counting calories. I know this never does a bit of good.

When I pack my lunch in the morning, you’d think I was packing for a construction worker with all the stuff I bring — but a lot of it is carrots, strawberries, yogurt, almonds, etc. — little things to snack on throughout the day. So I kinda was feeling OCC today (out of control, even though I was totally fine) and I dealt with the feeling and moved on. It happens.

For dinner, I kinda ditched the Crazy Sexy for a recipe I had planned for a few days. Weight Watchers sent me some of their new, low-fat cream cheese to sample and I wanted to put it to delicious use. So, I went the casserole route and made a Chicken Broccoli dish with the WW cream cheese, low fat cheddar, low fat crackers, baked chicken and milk. Very simple and very good.

I wanted to put the WW cream cheese to the test, instead of just smearing it on a bagel so I found this recipe. If you hadn’t told me it was WW, I wouldn’t have known. The cream cheese tasted great — creamy, rich and delicious! However, I think I put too much in this recipe (modify if you do it) so along with that over serving plus another massive serving of cheddar cheese, I ended up with a bellyache. It tasted awesome but too much cheese can end up badly. The CrazySexy would NOT approve!

The other issue is that when I make a dish, it’s usually for four people but there’s only two of us eating it so I end up eating MORE than is necessary. That happened last night and I felt pretty bad about it  but just moved on! I never understood why people complained about it being hard to maintain weight once you are in a relationship until the past year. Now, I get it! You make food and it’s for two so you divvy it up but when the other person is a 200-pound man, you can’t really have as much as him! Anyone else have this issue?

Tonight’s recipe is much healthier and actually comes from the CrazySexyDiet recipe book so you know it will be approved! I must say, even after two days of upping my veggie consumption, I can feel a difference. It feels awesome to fill your body with good things. I won’t, however, be skipping my Tuesday Chick Fil A sandwich today — sorry!

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