Why yes, I AM too cheap to purchase the photos taken of me at the Marine Corps Marathon. I thought if there was a really money shot, I would dish out the dough. The photo above is the one I was hoping would rock but clearly, this guy in front of me was way too concerned with stopping his Garmin mere milliseconds after crossing the finish line. 
Oh — and that’s a fake smile by the way. I didn’t even want to do that smiley, hands raised pose but I figured that is what you are supposed to look like when you finish a marathon, right? I immediately dropped my hands, shuffled into a line of a million other exhausted people and began feeling feverish. 

You’d think after a marathon, there’d be some water — or somewhere to sit down perhaps. Not so much. I went ten minutes without someone offering me a bottle of water and they discouraged sitting down. Sweet!

I get to bask in the marathon glory for more than one post — sorry! Is it sad I don’t even remember looking at the Capitol? I guess that’s because I see it every day but it does make for a nice background shot. This must be pretty far into the race because it’s after I lost Mom — which was around mile 15.

I remember all the photographers in this area though. I was trying to care — remembering to tell myself that I needed good photos for the blog! Well, a basic #FAIL, but this one’s not so bad.

The problem with marathon photos is that I never look like I’m running very fast. I need one those, legs hiked up, muscles blaring, fierce facial expressions photos of awesomeness. Still workin’ on it. Maybe next time? Thank goodness for these plastic blanket thingies cause after the run, it got cold real fast! Happy marathon finisher — number FIVE!

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