I first heard of Nugo Nutrition bars at the Healthy Living Summit this year when we got some in our goody bags. Somehow, by the end of the trip, I had lost mine though so I never got to try! Well, those Nugo folks are awesome and tracked me down. I was able to try their dairy-free, vegan dark chocolate bars and wow — I was NOT disappointed!

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I adore my Clif bars for workouts have never been a huge fan of any other “healthy” type of bar. And, even with Clifs, I don’t eat them unless it’s strictly for workout fuel. The first plus from Nugo is that they use real dark chocolate (world’s hardest core dark chocolate fan right HERE!) and the company overall believes in using only pure, natural ingredients. Since I’ve been so CrazySexy lately, I was also intrigued by the fact they were vegan.

For around 200 calories, the dark chocolate mint, salted pretzel and chocolate chip are an amazing, healthy, perfect snack. If you are a fan of the salty, sweet combo, the salted pretzel flavor will be your absolute favorite! I don’t believe I can buy Nugo bars in the regular store and to prove how much I loved them, I will be purchasing my first food EVER from the Internet — though you can find stores that sell Nugo with their store locator. I just noticed they also have peanut butter cup and mocha flavors so how can I resist? I can’t emphasize enough how impressed I was. Dark chocolate lovers? This is your dream! You can start by following them on Twitter!

Next up? Weight Watchers cream cheese. I am not usually all about cream cheese but couldn’t pass up a chance to try a healthy version of this creamy goodness. Instead of just throwing it on a bagel, my first experiment was a dinner dish made with cream cheese. I documented that meal here. As I said then, I love it because I’d have never known it was low-fat or Weight Watchers. It was creamy and delicious and worked well in this dish.

I also tried it out on a bagel and loved it as well! I usually get low fat cream cheese versions at bagel stores as well and can rarely tell between full and low fat. In my opinion, you might as well go low with something like this product and feel a little better about your meal. Here are the nutrition facts and be sure to keep up with new Weight Watchers products by following them on Twitter!:

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