Okay people — I have a VERY exciting offer for you today! I’m GIVING AWAY A PAIR OF MIZUNOS! Not just ANY Mizunos, the brand new Wave Rider 15’s — built just for runners!The mirco-site for these babies is amazing — you MUST got check it out now!

I bought my first pair of Mizunos two years ago and I haven’t gone back to any other brand since. I actually bought them randomly without even knowing anything about them. When I was in the store trying shoes on, they felt the best and lightest weight — perfect for running.

My latest pair — bright blue, light weight, extra support wonder — have served me well in running two marathons in the past month. See — marathon shoes!!! :

When Mizuno caught wind of my love for their brand, they were prompt to email and let me know they were interested in doing a give away on my site! WOW — talk about exciting!

These shoes come with a tagline:

“It’s Time For Running to Be About Running.”

And the magnificent, drool-worthy descrip: “Wave Rider 15 is found through its harmonious balance of a lightweight feel, wrapped-to-foot fit and exquisitely smooth ride, ultimately producing a brilliant running experience.”

DO YOU WANT TO WIN THESE SHOES? Good! Here’s how you can call these pink wonders all your own. Complete ALL of the following actions for a chance to win:

1) Leave a comment on this post telling me why you love to run. 

2) Tweet this post link, mentioning both @MizunoRunning & @ErickaAndersen in some way.

3) Follow @MizunoRunning on Twitter & “like” Mizuno on Facebook!

*When the contest is over, I will choose a winner and you — my friend — will be buying one LESS pair of running shoes in the next year. Hallelujah!

Well, I’m off to run in my favs:

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