No, I don’t work at CNN. But, I did have the opportunity to attend the Presidential debate this week because my workplace sponsored the event. Since coming to DC 5 years ago, I’ve had the chance to go to some pretty cool stuff — like a book party where I met Dick Cheney when he was still Vice-President — and plenty of meetings with people like Ari Fleischer and Newt Gingrich. Working in the thick of politics on Capitol Hill can be exciting — but the fun and novelty never wears off for me when it comes to things like this. I had a great time “behind the scenes” tweeting and keeping folks updated throughout the night! Now — on to other things!

Our view on the bus!

I’m currently on the top level of a double decker bus on the way the New York City. Our seats are rad…the very front with only a window to look out — and free wifi. Megabus. Rocks. Unfortunately, I had to pay for a $25 cab ride to Union Station but whatever. Look out New York — Here we come!

But first, Thanksgiving. We decided not to go back to Indiana this year. Thanksgiving and Christmas are SO close together that the traveling is a bit overwhelming. So, in usual fashion, I signed up for a 5k Turkey Trot and was so happy that Rick wanted to do it with me this year. We showed up at Freedom Plaza at 8am for the 5k, which was bouncing full of people excited to get their run on. You know how much I love that early morning spunk!

Rick’s co-worker invited a group of family-less holiday friends to gather at his new apartment. I actually sort of love those kind of random Thanksgivings. You share a special time with new people and it’s a really unique experience.

The guy and most of his friends happened to be Puerto Rican so we listened to a lot of awesome Latin music all night, which I loved. I actually wanted to write down every song that was playing — and at one point everyone in the house was dancing.

Oh yes, and the food. Well, I have no photos, my friends, I’m sorry. I wasn’t in the mood and I didn’t know anyone there so I didn’t feel like looking ridiculous at first meeting. But it was good! I made sweet potato casserole (of course!) with a whole stick of butter, extra brown sugar and marshmallows. It was quite good!

My favorite thing was probably the gravy though. I forget how gravy brings it all together because I literally only eat gravy at Thanksgiving! There were also some fantastic Puerto Rican drinks being made and you know I couldn’t pass up some delicious coconut rum!

I’ve spent plenty of holidays away from home but things are a little harder now with Giovanna. She didn’t even have teeth last time I saw her and now look at her! Less than one little month till I see her!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

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