Shelby and Giovanna
Friday is always happy but I wanted to share a little extra happiness with you today. One, I’m missing G like crazy! Every photo my sister puts up, she looks bigger — more teeth, songs, words, expressions, cuteness! I hate that she is growing up a million miles from her Aunt Ericka! I hope that the distance won’t mean we aren’t close in the years to come. She’s a precious little gem that has blessed all of our lives soooo much!
So, of course, I’m sharing the latest video of her with you because I can 🙂

And, introducing Katelyn! Megan recently delivered a sweet baby girl that I can’t wait to meet. The photos of her are too adorable not to share at least one! Megan has been one of my best friends since sophomore year of high school (that means like…14 years? No freaking way?!). Wow.

Anyway, she has a beautiful family that i love to visit when I’m home in Indiana. Looking forward to meeting the new addition this Christmas!

Katelyn Jo Ripley

What else for Friday? I’m planning a trip to New York City over Thanksgiving weekend with Rick, where I plan to eat about a billion calories in all the food people have suggested, ice skate at Rockefeller Center, walk through Central Park, buy a fake Fendi :), visit the Empire State building and most importantly, see the famous Heather McMahon!

So, I didn’t take this photo, can you tell? 

Am I allowed to share one of my favorite scenes from “Sex and the City” in honor of this trip? I’m giving myself permission. This scene is when Big is leaving New York for California. In his empty apartment, he is saying goodbye to Carrie, though she doesn’t know it’s the last time she will see him. I always remembered how this song and this scene were so bittersweet. “Sex and the City” — as silly or raunchy as people say it was — always spoke to me personally about friendships and relationships in a real way. Sounds stupid? I don’t care — it was fabulous 🙂

Also coming up? Maggie’s wedding in one week: Hello North Carolina! I cannot wait to see these two crazy kids get hitched! Speaking of, heading to dinner with the bride-to-be tonight!

The almost newlyweds

Lastly, I’ve arranged my marathon medals in a row on a shelf at work. Don’t laugh. I like to have them so I can see them — and remind me of how hard I can work, how tough I can be sometimes. Plus, medals are pretty — right? Well, I couldn’t fit all FIVE in this photo (I’ll stop soon, promise!), but here are four of them lined up and happy to be together: 
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