Yesterday, I had a really cool opportunity to hear Condoleezza Rice speak at a conference that was held at National Harbor. Not because of politics, but I have respected and admired her for years. She’s such a classy, smart, strong woman!

Obviously, it was a gorgeous scene out at National Harbor (hello –15 minutes from my house!) and Condi’s words were just as impressive as I’d always imagined. I won’t get into the subjects covered but I came away even more in awe of this amazing woman!


I haven’t yet mentioned it but I am honored to be a Fitfluential Ambassador. This wonderful group of healthy living bloggers is such a great community to be a part of. I love promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise, eating right and good community.  It’s positive, encouraging and helps me stay plugged in to best new products and ideas.

Plus, I have a great group of folks I can go to with questions, for support and more. I’m so grateful that Kelly Olexa reached out and introduced me to some awesome folks in the blogosphere. I hope I can meet most of them in person someday soon!

Recently, I asked some of the bloggers in our Facebook group for some ideas for a new playlist. How many times can you have “Baby Got Back” suggested to you as an add to your playlist? I hadn’t downloaded any newer songs recently and knew I’d have a good stock of songs if I just got some suggestions. Thanks to my Fitfluential friends for giving me some great ideas. Now, I can’t wait to go on my next long run!

Winter 2011 Running Playlist

In other news, I signed up for the 2012 DC Rock n’ Roll Marathon on March 17th. Can you believe it? Already? Yes, it’s true. However, my knee has been aching like crazy so I’m taking it easy, for real. I have to do training RIGHT this time around — ice baths and all. I’ve never trained in the winter so I’m not sure how this will be but I’m already excited.

Today, I opted for Zumba instead of running — and that was an awesome idea! Zumba is so fun and free and an amazing workout. The instructors are usually Latin American women who can move like you can’t imagine. The music is amazing and I leave feeling awesome. You know that feeling when you go dancing with your friends at a bar? This is that but better because you leave totally sober and hyped up on endorphins!

Zumba!!!!! 🙂

It’s been a nice, relaxing weekend. Last night, we went to see “In Time” with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfriend.  A very interesting movie about the future, where time is currency instead of money. It’s a freaky concept but they actually make some good points about current events. It’s hard to explain but I liked it. Watch the preview and decide for yourself:

We also went to Gala Thai for the second time. I’ve had cravings for Thai lately like crazy. However, this time wasn’t as good as my taste buds were hoping. Nothing compares to Mai Thai in Alexandria but I was still happy with my meal. 

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