So I’ve never been one of those girls who put much time or thought into their hair. I’ve only had my hair “done” for weddings I’ve been in (and had no choice) and have never done anything more advanced than a “haircut” at the salon.

Okay, wait, that’s a lie. There was that time in sixth grade when I got a perm (and I also had a sad obsession with the kremping iron — yesss!)  but let’s not talk about that, okay? Okay.

If you look closely, you can see the oh so stylistically “krempt” hair (me: purple sweater)

Moving along, I’ve been known to trim my own bangs and dye my own hair. In fact, hairdressers often tell me that my dye jobs are good. Little do they know I actually am the world’s messiest, untidy or even hair dyer.

I hate doing it and just want to get it over with so I usually just start squirting the dye stuff all over my hair and rub it in until everything looks drenched. There is no process, rhyme or reason but it always turns out great.

I always veer to red, just because. Red is different, red is cute, red matches my freckles! But — I wonder, does it look natural, is it worth the pain of keeping up with it, what looks best? I usually forget about my red love until I see one of these ladies:

Their hair always looks so great — and I start thinking of gorgeous I can make mine. But, then I remember, I use Garnier shampoo and really cheap de-frizz spray that I’m not even sure works. I just learn how to blow dry  my bangs to the left so they look good parted to the right. I am completely unaware of how to create volume.

So anyway, I’m feeling the red again, peeps. I have three photos for you to choose from. One is red, one is dark brown, and one is my natural color, which is light brown with a slight hint of auburn. What do you think? Here’s the lineup:

1) The Red

2) The Dark Brown

3) The Natural (Light Brown)

So that’s that. Any opinions? I would REALLY like to get highlights, just to try them. But I’m afraid of getting addicted and then it’s all over. I’m not a high maitenance girl in the least — and I don’t really want to become one.

Sometimes, I think I could look just a little better if I put in more effort. Is it worth the extra time? A few of my friends, I LOVE their hair — but they make their hair a life priority. I can barely sit still for the 30 minutes it takes to get a cut! Actually, I think sitting in a salon for 3-4 hours to get highlights, etc. sounds like torture. I’d just rather spend my money on new running clothes! So, I probably will do just that — unless one of you can convince that highlights are a must.

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