Isn’t that a fantastic dress, everyone?!

This weekend, we celebrated the marriage of Ben & Maggie in Charlotte, NC. It was such a fun weekend and Maggie was a beautiful, fun, perfect bride while Ben was the grounded, fun-loving, adoring groom.

I have a separate post coming about the lovely town of Charlotte but I first had to document this wonderful wedding –which, by the way I loved because it’s one of the few that I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest instead of a bridesmaid. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my girlfriends and have been honored to be a bridesmaid many times over but there’s something special about just being a guest once in awhile!

Check out more of this post & lots of photos BELOW!

I had never been to Charlotte, so I was really excited to visit a new city and see my friends get married. Maggie has become one of my best friends in the past year so I was so honored to be invited to her wedding. She and Ben are one of the most fun, unique couples I’ve ever met. They are so good together and I knew they were the kind to have a rockin’ wedding reception!

But, first…true to form, I teared up as Maggie walked down the aisle with her Dad toward Ben. It started when I saw Ben tearing up and then both Maggie and her Dad were tearing up and I have like the best seat in the house. There is something so intimate and emotional about this moment just before a man and woman commit themselves to one another forever.

I love that they picked a really fun song for their first dance — Hey Soul Sister. It’s super dark but it’s kind of fun to watch if you want to join in on the action. It was a blast watching these two lovebirds dance and then the dances with their parents were even cuter. 

Check it out:

And, of course, everyone wanted a piece of the bride so we got a few photos with her:

Loving our few moments with Mrs. Maggie Mae Harder!

A fabulous cake — tasted awesome too!

The view from the reception room was amazing! With the autumn leaves & a sunny afternoon, it was a really special day for everyone. I’m so glad Rick was there to share it with me!

Ladies love photos! It was awesome to hang out with Michelle & Ari all weekend!
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