Basically my food consumption while in New York City. You better believe it was delish!

I took Thanksgiving weekend — all four days of it — to relish in laziness and junk food. I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted on the big day and same went for New York City. The only stipulation was not to eat until I felt sick.

Easier said than doneif you are me.

But, for the most part, I listened to my body in the “eat until you’re full department.” Not so much in the eat things that make your body feel good or don’t overdo it on the drinks department.

A little Latin dance party helped keep me from overdoing it on Thanksgiving. Much more fun than being curled up in misery on the couch!

Friday night, tequila was a close friend and Saturday I found love in hot dogs, bagels, pizza, chips and ice cream. Can you believe I felt like I was having stomach issues on Sunday? No. way.

I heard Kris’s voice ringing out from the pages of CSD. I saw the load of crap stuffing up my digestive tract and clogging up my pours. I felt like my skin was crawling with high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweetener, fats — the bad kind — and sodium.

A shot of Patron — or three?

After a very producey trip to the grocery store yesterday, I’m back to eating healthfully today — starting this morning with a green (pinkish) smoothie with kale, spinach, banana, frozen strawberries, chocolate Amazing Grass and vanilla almond milk.

You should have seen my shopping cart: broccoli, squash, grapefruit, fiber cereal, bananas, apples, V-8. Oh it felt good carting it all home. Have you guys noticed that once you start paying attention to what your body needs for energy, health, etc. you can’t help but want to tell everyone about it?

See? I’ve loved vegetables for years!  A “Silly Song with Larry” anyone?

I’m constantly making recommendations and have started to realize that people who aren’t on the same page can find it….annoying or unhelpful. It’s hard to keep your good ideas to yo urself but sometimes, you have to weigh the situation out before launching into a diatribe about the power of spinach and chia seeds.

Back to the day…It feels good to be healthy but I’m always afraid I will lose my willpower later in the day — namely because, well, that happens a lot. After work, I just want to decompress and I start to care very little about the healthy kick — that is until after I down two servings of dinner, a glass or two of wine and a cookie. Anyone feel me?

Usually what I feel like eating after work 🙂

Last night I attempted to curb the munchies with a cup of chamomile tea. Then, a plain rice cake. Eventually, I succumbed to my Sunday night anxiety with a bowl of ice cream (hello Red Velvet in my freezer, how can I ignore you?!) In the end, however, I ate less than I would have if I had just immediately given in to the feeling/craving.

So what’s this post really about? Nothing more than letting my readers out there know they are not alone in their anxieties and struggles in this area. I know some members of the healthy living blogging community — like me — have struggled with food issues.

I also know that 65% of women ages 25-65 have admitted to have some kind of “disordered eating” whether that be occasionally skipping a meal, compulsively counting calories, over-exercising to combat overeating or just spending too much time worrying about food and weight.

Give yourself a break. It’s not all or nothing! It never is!

I’m sorry for the “food-focus” lately. It’s the holidays – give me a break! I’m still on hiatus from making desserts, thank you very much, but hopefully will have some awesome, healthy meals for you soon. Please, don’t sweat the small stuff and remember you always, ALWAYS have a chance to try again. Until next time, drink lots of water and smile a lot! 🙂

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