I’m not jumping off the pumpkin bandwagon anytime soon. I saw this pumpkin mix in Charleston a couple of months ago and finally decided to use it. I kind of hate using anything pre-mixed, just  because it seems like cheating — but I added a few of my own little spices too.

Instead of making enough for an entire army and bringing them to work, this time I made just enough to stay on my counter and eat them myself! Since it’s carbo-loading week for the marathon this weekend, I feel A-OK about eating like three of these a day 🙂

Added to this mix were eggs, vegetable oil, water, cinnamon, pumpkin spice and little vanilla. I also topped my muffin this morning off with pumpkin better. Pumpkin on pumpkin? Even better. Obviously, you want to warm these up if they are not just out of the oven, then add the butter or pumpkin butter so it melts like hot candy in your mouth.


Marathon Anxiety

As for carbo-loading, it’s rough. I like it but I have to admit, I have gained about six pounds or so in the past couple of months. This week, as I workout minimally and eat more carbs than normal, I’m feeling pretty anxious about it. I’m worried these extra pounds will weigh me down — keep me from hitting my goal time.

I’m also just nervous about the race in general because I have a cold, which I’ve been trying to zap with extra water, Emergen-C, Vitamin D, hot tea with honey, cold medicine, extra fruits, veggies and sleep. I’m REALLY trying. I’ve never had to pee so much in my life (morning commute — nearly an hour —  has been vicious!)

I’m nervous about how my body will feel Saturday, if I will be able to sleep, if my sore knee will act up, if my mysterious stomach issues will flare up, if I will hit a wall at mile 18 again. (Waaay too early to hit a wall, btw.) But, I’ve done my runs, I’m prepping correctly and so I leave it to luck for the rest!

Today’s Carbo-Loading Meal Plan

5:30am: 1 cup coffee, 1 mini-cliff bar
Exercise: Run 4 miles, walk 1
Breakfast: 1 cup cofee, 1 bowl granola cereal w/ banana, 1 Emergen-C
Snack: Grapefruit cup & V8
Lunch: Bagel sandwich w/ turkey & hummus, granola bar, Gatorade
Snack: Peaches, Emergen-C
Pre-dinner snack: 1 pumpkin muffin, V8
Dinner: Grilled Chicken Salad with Wheat Bread
Dessert: Pumpkin muffin with pumpkin butter, Gatorade

Anyone else running this weekend? What are your pre-marathon fears in the days before?