It took me just a little bit but now — I’m hooked. One word: Pinterest. I know, I’m behind the times but it’s the new addiction that has taken over my head. The beautiful ideas and people and dreamy lives enveloped in the photos are like your own personal storybook. It’s kind of ecstatically alluring. Can I say that? Just did.

You can create the perfect romance with the perfect wedding dress and the perfect hair and the perfect body. You can find world’s most adorable desserts and shoes you will love but never be able to afford. It’s a collage of pretty and if your not careful, you can start to get jealous!

Perhaps I’m being a little too serious about but after discovering all these cute wedding photos, gorgeous hairstyles and amazingly thin, toned bodies, I felt kind of blah.  But, what can I say? I’m hooked! If you are on Pinterest, please leave a comment with the link to your profile so I can follow you!

And now…to the agony! My marathon photos! The Baltimore Marathon sent the official photos to me via email. I will warn you, my facial expressions are a little scary. You can see the pain of a marathon in pretty much every single one. I picked out a few to share with you…apologies they are off center, I was having major issues!

So happy to see you Mr. Photographer man!
Clearly enjoying life! I remember closing my eyes a lot near the end…so hard!
It may look like I’m walking but really it’s just a pitiful jog!
This was just after the 26 mile marker. Vaguely remember talking to this woman but not sure why!
About 30 seconds after finishing. Not as happy as I look!

Since The Big Day…

So it’s Wednesday, four days after the big day. My legs are still sore — probably because I never took an ice bath. They are recovering though. I haven’t worked out at all since Saturday but plan to get started tomorrow. I’m trying not to put any pressure on myself, though. It’s winter. I’m trying to continue being A-OK with my small weight gain. I’ve got another marathon next weekend and it’s not the time to worry about shedding five pounds.

Since Saturday, I’ve barely had an appetite, which is very strange for me. This, on top of working out, makes me feel like I am never hungry which I really dislike. The past two days, I’ve done well at listening to my body and not overfeeding it. It’s really weird to not be working out and getting the intense, good hunger feeling that comes with that.

It’s been really warm, despite melting into the winter season — and today it’s raining like crazy, so I had to walk to work with my pants like this (though don’t ya love those pretty leaves?!):

Listening to Aaron Shust on the way to work

  • How do you handle small weight gain when you aren’t in the position to lose it right away?  
  • Are you in Pinterest? Please leave a link to your profile & I will start following you!
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