As a part of “Take a Bite out of Breast Cancer,” Rick and I dined at The Light Horse restaurant in Alexandria on Monday night. Though it’s right on King Street, I’ve somehow never noticed it before. Immediately upon walking in, I loved the atmosphere. There were cozy booths, classic music and a menu on which I wanted everything!

I don’t usually order appetizers, as they are just an added expense and added calories. However, when I saw almond stuffed, maple-bacon wrapped dates, I couldn’t stop myself. It sounded divine and let me tell you — IT WAS. These little appetizers were amazing — I could have eaten an entire second serving by myself. Totally get them if you go to the Light Horse.

For an entree, I got sweet potato ricotta balls with walnuts. It was a very creamy, tasty dish though not as flavorful as I might have hoped. I had a really difficult time deciding what to get but I’m such a sucker for anything with sweet potato in it that I couldn’t choose otherwise!

Rick got some kind of beef dish, and I actually like his better than mine. He said he liked mine better so we probably should have just switched but both meals were delicious and we were happy with our selections.

And don’t you KNOW I can’t resist pumpkin cheesecake! Rick and I were newly dating around this time last year and we often got pumpkin cheesecake as dessert. This one did not disappoint! It had some kind of caramel pumpkin sauce with pumpkiny chunks and a buttery graham cracker crust. It was decadent and delicious — totally worth it.

All in all, I really enjoyed my experienced at the Light Horse. With curvy, personal booths and a friendly staff, the night was really fun. It was a cozy environment that reminded me of being in a cabin near a fireplace on a cold night. Though the bill was hefty with our drinks, the appetizer and dessert, I definitely plan to go back to this new little gem!

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