It was the perfect weekend for hiking. A three-day weekend with absolutely gorgeous, sunny with a perfect temperature! We headed out to the Billy Goat Trail, a part of Great Falls, for a day of hiking. I was kind of worried about the crazy paths on the trail, considering my upcoming marathon but I couldn’t say no!

The path is around 5 miles long but you do a lot of climbing and jumping over sharply jutting rocks, steep inclines and very unleveled services. It’s difficult NOT to twist your ankle or slip — which both Rick and I did.

One thing I love about this trail is all the people you see. There are cute, little families, lots of folks from other countries talking in a host of languages and you will see more than one Mom carrying a tiny baby in a pack on her chest braving the trails.  You see runners and skaters and hikers, boy scout troops, teenagers and lovers taking breaks on the rocks. It’s an eclectic group and everyone is happy to be there.

Confession: So I was definitely playing around with the editing on these photos. I’m not very good at it yet — and I’m not really happy with how these turned out but…practice makes perfect!

Below, you can see the steep incline you must climb to get through the trail. Some are going down, some are going up. It’s not as scary as it looks but it does take some effort. Definitely a sense of accomplishment when you make it over the hump!

I definitely think being in nature like this puts Rick and I at our best.
He loves the natural outdoors and would actually love to live in Utah or Wyoming or Colorado. I’m not sure if that will happen for us but it does sound kind of amazing. I’ve never lived in a place like that but sometimes a recent look at Janae’s photos kind of had me pining for it!

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