Welcome to Kiawah Island — one of my favorite places on earth! For those of you that don’t know, I spent my first year out of college living in Charleston and working at Kiawah Island Golf Resort. It was a fun and exciting “freshman year” of adulthood 🙂 I miss Chucktown desperately sometimes and luckily, I always have a place to stay with Lindsay & Austin!

I spent my last day in Charleston hanging out on the beach in the morning reading a brand new book. This is kind of a little bit of paradise for me! The sun lasted awhile but then it started raining 🙁 Still, I’m glad I’m here for the day. The water seems to stretch endlessly on this beach, the windy waves just lapping over one another, sparkling in the sun and making you feel like you arre really in God’s paradise. I could never afford to actually vacation here, of course, so I’m blessed to experience a little faux-vacay because my friends work here 🙂

Later, I’m heading to the spa to visit some old co-workers and relax in the hot tub! We will be heading to one of my favorite Chucktown spots — Red’s — after work and before I go to the airport. Red’s is near Sullivan’s Island on the water. It has a very cool rooftop bar that overlooks the pricy boats and yachts below.

Last night, Lindsay had a night to ourselves. I have more details and photos about other parts of the trip to come, by the way. I was excited to go down to Market Street and eat some seafood! We had drinks at the Vendue Rooftop:

Then, we headed over to the Pavillion (another rooftop!) for dinner. I got oysters (of course!), a caprese salad (all-time fav!) and shrimp cocktail (not pictured:

I’ve got to stop using my iphone so much because I really hate how the photos only come out vertical. Oh well…more to come on the regular camera!

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