Take a Bite out of Breast Cancer

Almost everyone has been affected in some way or another by breast cancer. My family has a history of the disease and right after I was born, my great Aunt died of it. When I was about 8 or 9, my Grandma — only in her late forties at the time — was diagnosed.


It was serious stuff. I didn’t know then that she nearly died. To me, my grandma was just sick, she had to wear a wig and we spent Christmas Day visiting with her in the hospital. We came very close to losing my Grandma that year but after lots of treatment and even more prayer, she conquered her battle with breast cancer.

Unfortunately, the cancer rat has made it’s way back into her life several times since then — including at this very moment. But she’s conquered it before and the world isn’t done being tremendously blessed by this amazing woman. I am SO thankful that cancer didn’t beat her!

Here’s my Grandma with three of her grand kids. This was at her 50th anniversary party!

I’ve often thought about breast cancer and regularly check myself despite being young. I just found out last week that the younger you are when you get it, the higher the mortality rate.


Thanks to technology, you can now be tested and find out if you have the “breast cancer gene.” I don’t know what it’s called officially but my Mom got the test recently and found out she had a 50% chance of getting breast cancer.

She’s now the age my Grandma was when it appeared so she made a big decision. Rather than risk cancer, she had a double mastectomy. I understand that is no minor thing but that was the right decision for my mom.

When I asked her if I could share the story with you, she was happy to oblige, saying she tells everyone in order to encourage others not to be afraid of doing what it takes to save their own lives. I plan to get tested for the gene — but not until after child-bearing age — and take the same steps if I have it.


A happy, healthy Mom hangin’ out with her grandbaby

Now, that 50% chance of getting cancer is gone and she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. But, you know what? It’d be even better if that chance was eliminated for everyone! That’s why I’m hoping you will help ME to take a bite out of breast cancer next week.

I heard about “Take a Bite Out of Breast Cancer” on Twitter from Lisa at Dining in DC. She’s got a great description:

Well this October in the DC Metropolitan area it will – with Take a Bite out of Breast Cancer. For the entire month of October, DC area chefs and restaurateurs have committed their establishments for one day, a week, or the entire month, and will generously donate a portion of their food and beverage sales to Take a Bite out of Breast Cancer –  an outreach and fundraising campaign focusing on educating Washington, DC area residents about the importance of early detection and awareness and supports Pink Jams!, a DC area non-profit promoting breast cancer awareness to young men and women.

Since I live in the Alexandria area, I’m specifically urging folks to check out these two places:

1) Light Horse: They are participating for the entire month and donating $5 for every person who comes in saying that they are there for Take a Bite out of Breast Cancer or mentions Pink Jams!
2) Hank’s Oyster Bar (Alexandria): They are participating on Monday, 10/3 and Tuesday, 10/4 — donating 25% of their proceeds to the fundraiser (alcohol excluded). 

*I will be going to Hank’s Monday or Tuesday and definitely stopping in at the Light Horse next week as well. I hope you will do the same! 

QUESTION: Has breast cancer affected anyone in your life? How has it made you want to find a cure?

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