Shelby, Giovanna, Mom, me, Lindsey and Grandma

I had an awesome, short little trip to Indiana last weekend for my BIRTHDAY! I’ve been lucky enough to visit home more than ever this year (thanks to my job working for an Indiana representative the first half of the year!)As a birthday gift, my parents bought me a plane ticket so I was excited!

I know you don’t know my niece, Giovanna (aka G, Gigi, Geo), but I’m absolutely in love with her. I’ve never been a huge kid person — nor did I understand why people were so obsessed with their nieces and nephews. Well, now I know! (a tribute I wrote)  She just learned to walk and I sware I could just sit there mesmerized by her babbling and her smiling all day long:

I also got to hang out with one of my best friends, Britney, which is a rare but delightful happening these days! She met up with us for dinner and I was so glad we made it happen this time around.

Me and Brit, discussing Brad Paisley no doubt

Mom and Dad are the cutest with Giovanna. From two individuals who staved off the words “grandpa” and “grandma” until she was actually in their arms, they’ve totally embraced the job now.

When G cries, Mom can instantly make her stop and Dad just watches her with wonder (as do I!). They definitely have no problem saying, “Come to grandma (pa)” now!

On the actual night of my  birthday, after Mike and a 9-months pregnant Megan (sorry, forgot to take a pic) stopped by for a little visit, Lindsey, Sarah, Chelsea, Glenn and I went out for a bit. Fun times but short night because, you know, I’m 30 now — and I’m marathon training (ran 20 miles earlier in the day!). Makes for less hangovers, which is always good 🙂

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