I know a lot of healthy living foodie bloggers thrive on lowfat recipes — or being able to boast something tasty but healthy or low-calorie. That’s now how I do things around here. Rarely do I buy any kind of substitute ingredients because sorry, there’s no substitute for the real thing.

In fact, last night I bought the 1/2 fat kind of cookies n’ cream Breyers ice cream and was totally disappointed. These taste buds are used to rich and creamy, decadent and dreamy 🙂 I also bought low-fat Oreos for a special something I’ll be whipping up tomorrow. And guess what? Well, I sneaked one or two and I could TOTALLY tell they were low-fat. I’m done with this low-fat business. 
But anyway…back to these “not so skinny enchiladas.’ I don’t make them. But Rick does. And they are amaaaahhhhzing. This is the third time he’s made them for me and every time, I feel like I’m eating the best dinner of my life. So simple people. Yeah these photos aren’t the best but…I still wanted to share!
Not So Skinny Enchiladas

—  4 Large sun-dried tomato and basil tortiilla shells (plan works too)
— 3 cups of ground beef, cooked or shredded chicken
— 1/2 white onion, diced and tossed with meat
— 1-2 bell peppers, diced and tossed with meat
— 1 can/bottle of enchilada sauce
— 1 bag of mixed Mexican cheese
— Sour cream for topping
Directions: Cook the meat and add the onions and peppers to cook. When finished add enough meat to each shell (fairly full) and top the inside with a layer of cheese. Fold shells over meat like burritos and douse them in enchilada sauce. Top with all the rest of the cheese. Cook in the pre-heated oven on 450 for abut 10 minutes or until the cheese looks sufficiently melted and gorgeous!

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