My latest long run was really hard for me for a couple of reasons. My body just wasn’t in the mood. You know how that is, right? It just said…no thank you, but I pressed on — because I’m marathon training gosh darnit! I’ve done SO well keeping up with my training that now I’m a little obsessed with staying on top of it! Then a little over halfway through, my knee issues kicked in.

I still haven’t gotten down and dirty with the ice bath but I’m so worried about my knee that I may not have any other choice. In reality, I need to be icing this knee three times a day every day — but who has time for that? I mean the process basically takes an hour each time — as I’ve heard you are supposed to do 15 minutes on, 15 minutes three times in a row for it to work!

Later in the week, I ran one 5-miler and one 8-miler but had to cancel on the other 6-miler planned because of the knee. I just KNOW it’s going to kick in hard core tomorrow for the 13-mile long run. I can handle 13 miles on a sore knee but not 26. Last weeks’ 20 was so hard to ignore. Plus — it just feels WRONG to keep grinding this knee into the ground. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve 29 days until the marathon and I would crushed if something happened and I couldn’t run it!


On another note…I’m so the person without the gear. I’ve acquired some —  like a nice water belt and a couple of generic running shorts and dry-fit shirts but when it comes down to spending, I always end up backing out. But — it’s almost my birthday so in honor of that, I am writing my wish list! Maybe Santa reads my blog and will stock up for Christmas too — I’m quite certain he does in fact. So here ya go:

My Fitness Wish List

*I’m not saying I want multiple gift certificates to Lululemon but I’m also not saying I don’t want multiple gift certificates to Lululemon… 🙂

What’s on your fitness wish list? And what am I missing from this list?! 

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