Aren’t bridal showers the cutest? I am so not a party planner but Havilah is — and she and Melinda did a fabulous job planning Heather’s bridal shower/batchelorette/Hurricane slumber party. Ahh yes…’twas the eve of a Hurricane they called “Irene.” In fact, we asked her to join us — see?

While the hurricane wasn’t much excitement (despite the overblown news forecasts that it would be!) — we still had a grand time…though we did nix the post-shower night on the town. Ya never know. We arrived to a palace of pink and black, a table of adorable hors d’oeuvre, a pile of presents and a plenty of champagne.

After a celebratory toast, eating and mingling with the girls, we sat down for some traditional bridal shower games. The questions Heather had to guess Adam’s answers to were the best. I’ve always secretly wanted to ace that game at my own bridal shower (so whoever plans it better remember to stick that in the game plan!). After some gossiping and the most amazing cake pops I have ever had — a few ladies had to leave but Melinda, Havilah, Heather and I stayed for the party. We sipped on more wine and chatted about boys until we fell asleep watching a movie. It was the perfect evening!

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