Hey, Sweet Life readers!!!  This is Jessica…

And Cecily! …The sisters over at reRunRunning.

First, how about a day-late birthday shout out for Ericka!!!
So, we’re super stoked about doing a guest post on this lovely blog, because it’s our first ever!  And we wanted to discus a topic that means a lot to both of us… running.
That was obvious.
Okay, not just any kind of running, but running with a buddy… a comrade.
A companion, companero, friend, confidant, chum, ally, sidekick, consort… 
You’re killing it…

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Cec and I have been running together forever… Well, for a long time… and having each other to train with has defined our relationship with this sport.

Here are 4 reasons why having a workout/running buddy is one of the smartest training decisions you can make…

1. Safety.  Since all of us are super buff and fit we sometimes think that we’re invincible.  Or that the worst injury we can sustain is from overtraining.

But running alone can allow dangers worse than a sore Achilles or shin splints. By running with a partner, you have two sets of eyes and ears to help watch out for cars, dogs, and (hopefully this never happens) attackers. Or to take care of you if you trip and fall or get hurt in some way.

Yeah, dogs!  Cecily has saved me from dogs on many occasions.  It’s not that I’m scared of dogs…

She’s scared of dogs.

It’s just that I don’t like them chasing me while I’m running.  And there have been a few times when really big, scary dogs…

Friendly, happy dogs…

Are running towards us and Cecily has saved the day!

I just yell, “GO HOME!”  And they do.  

There is safety in numbers… especially if you are running in unsafe or unknown territory, or late at night/early in the morning.

Alright, reason number…

2. Motivation. Let’s be honest: there are mornings where you’d much rather hit the alarm and roll over. There are afternoons when it’s too hot, and evenings when you’re too tired to get the workout in.

Having a running buddy requires you to have some accountability, someone to show up for. When you have someone to meet, you’ll be less likely to back out, or back off your planned run.

On the day Cecily got married, I woke up at about 4 a.m. to squeeze an 8 mile run in with her before the big day really got started. By yourself what seems daunting and impossible, with a friend feels real and doable.

Well, actually it was 8.5 miles because we got a little lost 🙂 But I’m so grateful you woke up with me. Starting that day with a run made it feel just like any other morning, a welcome piece of familiarity on a wonderful, but stressful, day. Couldn’t have done it without you!


3. Keeps things interesting.

While it’s good to run alone sometimes, to clear your head or listen to your own thoughts, etc, a running buddy can make the miles pass quickly and enjoyably

Some of our best conversations happened while running. It’s just a great environment for spilling your guts to each other. Plus, it adds to the workout, talking and running simultaneously.

Or even if you don’t talk that much with your running partner, it still helps to have someone out there with you, matching your steps, keeping you company.

Saturday morning long runs with the girls on our team… Themed runs definitely keep things interesting–especially in the middle of winter!

4. Competition. Speaking of keeping you company, speed workouts are always more fun with a friend.

You can help push each other to be better. Keep it as a friendly, unspoken competition.

You can think of it like being teammates. You’re on the same team, working for the same goals. You both want to have a great workout.

You can even encourage each other along the way. Say a few words in the middle of that long, hard tempo. A simple, “We got this” or “Stay with me” can go a long way. 

I’m so happy Jess and I share this love of running. She is my favorite training partner!

And even though we’re extra close because we’re sisters, we mean it when we say you and your running partner are going to BOND!

You’ll have good and bad runs together, you’ll have funny stories, you’ll vent to each other. You’ll cheer each other on, and you’ll make each other better.

At least that’s the way we feel…


We always sign off by asking you about your reasons (It’s a reRun thing)… so, What are your reasons for having a training buddy? 

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