This will be my last post about Charleston but I must write it. Normally, when I go on a trip, I never get to do everything I want to do. Not true on my trip this time! The only downer was some rain but I got enough sunshine to stay happy! This particular photos is cloudy but I was standing on a bridge above the South Carolina marshes, one of my favorite things about the city.

I was excited to head to the River Dogs game on Saturday night. Ya’ll KNOW I don’t care about sports (well other than running and gymnastics of course!) but I’m a big fan of sports atmospheres and really enjoy attending baseball games! Beer, hot dogs, nacho cheese, salty goodness. Perfect!

We had great seats and I have no idea who won — or who we were playing. Mostly, I had fun talking to Lindsay and just relishing the fact that I was on vacay! It had been at least 2 years since Lindsay and I have actually  hung out together just for fun. Her wedding last year was crazy and we didn’t get any quality time and before that, it had been when I visited Charleston with some friends.

But quality Lindsay/Ericka time? Years. We talk on the phone frequently so it didn’t feel like that but it was so refreshing to spend time with one of my very best friends. People don’t change too much and even though now we are nearing 30, it sometimes still felt like we were 18 again — heading out for a party at “the apartment”, turning up the music so loud and singing our lungs out in the car speeding down the highway. Thank god she had a soundtrack  that included “Back that Ass Up” and “Gangster’s Paradise.” It was good times 🙂

The next day, it was on to the BBQ and Bluegrass festival on Boone Plantation — a place I had visited before for an oyster roast. I love BBQ and love bluegrass even more so Marcie was right up my ally when she decided we should go during my visit. Seriously, it was like the best pulled pork sandwich I have ever had and the music was amazing!

I’ve included this video I took though you need to turn up the volume to hear it well. I truly love this kind of environment: summery, friendly, tasty. Everyone around you is in a good mood, happy to be where they are and languishing in the pure joys of music, festival and people. Plus, Charleston is the friendliest city in the nation, literally. Here ya go:

Skipping over my day at Kiawah, which you read about here, I enjoyed a great lunch at one of my favorite places in Charleston, Red’s. Surprsingly, they had a new location, close to Kiawah so we stopped here and it was beautiful out  by the marina. Oh how I wish I could own one of those yachts! I had mahi mahi tacos for lunch and they were amazing — perhaps a new favorite actually. I used to think fish tacos sounded totally weird but I might be a convert now!

I could resist adding another photo from our lunch table. Ahh, pure Charleston. How I miss it! Rick and I sometimes talk about where we will move someday and Charleston always makes the possible list — along with Nashville, Denver, Indianapolis, and sometimes places in Utah or Wyoming. Of course we really don’t know but I wouldn’t be opposed to settling back down in this gorgeous environment.
I took this photo in the middle of the bluegrass festival. I snuck off between the trees when I sun this sun peeking through the clouds. This photo does NOT do it justice but it’s the best one I got. What a beautiful house on the water.

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