NUMBER ONE: The first exciting thing I have to tell you about is these cupcakes. I love when Rick just starts driving and doesn’t tell me where we are going. He does that sometimes and it’s usually somewhere special he knows I like. This time, we went to Buzz Bakery — which I’ve mentioned before.

Well, I’m never in the mood for anything sweet when I’m there but their desserts always look amazing! This time, I was in the mood. Rick got the Red Velvet cupcake (you can’t lose with that choice) and I got the Buzz Chocolate cupcake. 

I don’t know if the photo does it justice but these things were ultra moist, rich and delicious. The frosting — no exaggerating — was the best frosting I have ever had! If you are going to do cupcakes, you better get the frosting right! So sugary and sweet and perfectly delicious. Mmmm!

NUMBER TWO: The second exciting thing is this: wall stuff! I know I know, not that exciting but after living with bare walls for six months, I was so excited to finally get something on them. PLUS — you can see in the photo a new flat screen television! You can also see the old, clunky one with a built-in VHS player on the floor. Time to die, 1990 TV! I’m happy with the colors that have filled the apartment — mostly maroon and burnt orange. Now, I just have to fill up some more wall space. I’m so not an interior decorator!

Oh yeah — I needed one more knick knack to put on the wall shelves so I thought this wine bottle would match perfectly with a red candle melted in it. Isn’t it cute?

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