Did you hear, DC had an earthquake! Well, it was actually from down South in Virginia all the way up to New York  I hear. Kath and Heather felt it too! I was in life for coffee at Ebenezers when the ground shook. Talk about a freak out moment. It didnt’ feel like much to be honest but everyone was really spooked. I thought we’d just go about our day but the city freaked and everything closed down. Then, it took me three hours to get home!

When I finally made it off the metro, I walked by the charming little farmers market they have every weekday and couldn’t be helped. I can hardly resist buying things — especially the homemade jams and butters. I tried a sample of a sweet red plum — and I was sold. I bought three. Let me tell you, sweet red plums might be my new favorite fruit. The natural sugars are amazing! I had no idea I liked plums!

I also bough a carton of homegrown asparagus. I figured you could just make it and eat it like the brussel sprouts I love to roast. I bought a jar of strawberry jam (swiped a finger lick already and it’s amazing!) and two apples. I wish I could remember their brand name because they are the only other apples I’ve ever liked aside from Fuji brand. Sweet and crispy (not Pink Lady’s or Honey Crisp). I’ll tell you if I remember!

If you remember, I’ve had trouble with exercise woes the past couple of days. Monday I didn’t do it but I I was overeating and feeling anxious. The anxiety lead to more overeating so when I woke up Tuesday morning I felt like crap. Thus, I had no energy to workout. Dang. Thankfully, I mustered it up last night and got my body and my brain back on track. It was a rough 8 miles — stomach issues kicking in — but I’m so glad I did it. I also ran into Maggie on the trail, which was awesomeness! Lucky for you — I’ve got a playlist to share!!

Tuesday’s Rad Playlist

1. Akon — Right Now
2. Avril Lavigne — Girlfriend
3. Boys like Girls — Lovedrunk
4. Carolina Liar — I’m not Over
5. The Coral — Dreaming of You
6. David Guetta — Sexy Bitch
7. Drake Bell — Makes me Happy
8. Eddie Money — Take me Home Tonight
9. Elton John — Crocodile Rock
10. Enur — Calabria Remix
11. Fabolous — Throw it in the bag
12. Fergie — Fergalicious
13. Flo Rida– Right Round
14. Hot Hot Heat — Goodnight
15. Jackson 5– I want You Back
16. Jason Derulo — Whatcha Say
17. Jay Sean — Down
18. Kelly Clarkson — My Life Would Suck Without You
19. La Roux — Bulletproof
20. Lady Gaga — Telephone

*I have a slight obsession with “My Life Would Suck Without You.” I highly recommend this jam. Something about the tempo, the beat, the sweet sentiment in the lyrics. I always run superfast when it comes on — and usually hit repeat!

One More Thing…

— Yesterday, I donated money to “Bloggers without Borders” in effort to raise funds for Jennifer (In Jennie’s Kitchen), who abruptly lost her husband Mikey to a heart attack recently. She has two small children and long story short, her insurance money isn’t working out. I’d seen the effort and decided if everyone gave a little, it would sure be a lot. There’s been a whole movement in the blogosphere for Jennie, including this video created by “White on Rice Couple” which documents the making of Mikey’s favorite, dessert, peanut butter pie. Bloggers without Borders is an amazing new organization and I’m excited to be a part of helping others through it:

I hope you’ll consider checking out “Bloggers without Borders” and donating to a cause you find worthy. A large group of people coming together giving what they can can make a huge difference for someone in need. Once again, the blogging community amazes me!

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