I saw “The Help” last night and was totally satisfied with the movie. The book to movie thing can always be tricky but this crew did it up right and I didn’t glance at the time once during the entire 2.5 hours. First of all, I adore Emma Stone and she did an amazing job playing Skeeter. Secondly, the actresses who played “the help” — specifically Octavia Spencer (as Minnie) — were equally amazing.

Like many others, I zipped through the book in about two days. The story is unique, gripping and justified. I’ve said it a thousand times but I cannot believe how recently our country was racially divided this way. There’s not doubt that prejudice lingers heavily today in places like Jackson, Mississippi. It’s scary to recognize how evil can permeate a society — how even sometimes “good” people didn’t recognize their wrongdoing. How could this be, I wonder? But it’s the loud reminder to remain wary and skeptical of any kind of injustice.

All the actresses did a great job, including Bryce Dallas Howard as Hilly. Oh the villain she was. You truly hated her in this movie, as well as all her rich, snobby friends. How is it that Skeeter turned out so well? How did her heart rise above the things she was taught? None of her friends were like her and you have to wonder what made Skeeter different?

Emma Stone, AKA my new girl crush

It seems like there’s always a few noble ones who stand out. I think it’s important to be sure that I am being one of those. The same kind of blatant injustice isn’t happening on the streets of America today but things ARE  happening that should be noticed. I believe it goes back to character — what are you doing when no one else is looking? That line sneaks into my head often. It’s usually little things, like picking up a piece of trash or putting the cart back in the rack instead of leaving it to flail in the parking lot. But it matters. Perhaps it can be traced back to those four little words we all used to wear on a bracelet: “WWJD?”

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