What is that pile of mess you might be asking. As you probably know, a good pile of ingredients can make a darn good burrito — or in this case, fajita. I LOVE Mexican food — it might be my favorite. Until three months ago, I didn’t know you were supposed to add “fajita seasoning” to your ingredients. That discovery has made them much more tasty for me 🙂 And these are easy.

Just make sure you don’t forget the sour cream. That is an easy one to miss. But oh, you will will miss come time to top that thing. I’d also suggest not skimping on the guac but I’ll admit, we didn’t have any this time around. Never leave the store without an avocado. That should just be a basic rule of grocery shopping. I don’t care if they are $3 a piece!

Since getting a TV stand for the ancient TV in the living room (yes, a built in VCR is part of the deal — YES!), the old “stand” was moved out to the deck and now doubles as a deck table! It’s actually a card table (thanks Bryant!) but fits nicely on the porch and we were able to eat on it like civilized folk. Usually it’s just couches and laps. Oh — and don’t mind those beverages — just a little scotch on a Saturday night!

Don’t miss the rest BELOW!

Fantastic Chicken Fajitas 

–Tortilla shells
— 3 chicken breasts
— Red, green, yellow peppers
— 1 onion
— Fajita seasoning
— Mexican rice
— 1 can drained black beans
— shredded Mexican cheese
— Sour cream

What do I love about fajitas? Colorful peppers! Anytime I have an excuse to get peppers, I’m pretty excited. They are so pretty and doesn’t a pretty meal just taste better? Just say yes.

Step 1: Start with these babies. Wash them & chop ’em up into little slivers!

Step 2: Line them up and take a photo because they look pretty this way 🙂

Step 3: Slice n’ dice your chicken breast. I cut into thin strips.

Step 4: Multi-task! Olive in pepper and chicken pans. Stick around the stove to stir them and make sure everything is getting cooked evenly. Begin making your instant rice. That’s easy!

Step 5: Season your chicken with Fajita seasoning (thanks Mexican food aisle!)

Step 6: Season your peppers/onions with the other half of the seasoning!

Step 7: Put your tortillas in the pre-heated oven until they look toasty (warning: this will NOT take long!)

Step 8: Kind of a leap BUT…once all your ingredients are done (including black beans from a can warmed up), put your meal together and enjoy!

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