I decided I have to get down to business with this marathon training — so obviously I wore my 2010 Chicago Marathon dry fit t-shirt to run this morning. It’s not hard with I have blogger motivation from people like Ali & Theodora but they are in New York (and I don’t actually know them — yet!) so I have to make do.

The Arlington Country Road Runners group helps — but we are on slightly different schedules because they are track for Marine Corps and I am track for Baltimore, which is two weeks earlier. Plus, I’m trying to do the Hal Higdon Intermediate training, which requires more long runs and so…what’s a girl to do?

This weekend, I need to run 19 miles but the group is only scheduled for 10. The tentative plan is to run 6 treadmill miles before the group run and then finish up three more treadmill miles afterwards. Sounds kind of terrible but I’ve got to do it.

I had visions this morning of finishing Baltimore in under 4 hours. Visions, mind you, don’t generally come true but it’s possible, ladies and gentleman, it’s possible. Sure, I’d have to shave 22 minutes off my PR but I’ve never trained so diligently before. My body will be primed! And if Baltimore falls through, I’ve got MCM just two weeks later to make it up!

Rarely can I get myself to do more than 7 miles before work but training calls, my friends. I dusted off my trusty ipod today, feeling the need for some motivation. I was so glad to fall into happy running mode, where I am speeding along at insanely fast paces (for me that is) and loving every second. I love the feeling of going fast, of my legs pumping forward, the air in my lungs. I passed other runners and felt like I was on a mission and it felt wonderful. A great way to start a day if you ask me! Here’s today’s numbers:

Tuesday’s Run

What: 9-mile training run (think I did 9.5)
Where: Alexandria, VA
When: 5:55 am – 7:20 am
Fuel: 1 mini-oatmeal walnut raisin Cliff bar
Accessories: water belt, body glide!

*Post-run fuel: Green monster with a handful of kale, handful of spinach, banana, dark chocolate almond milk, strawberries, frozen blueberries, chocolate super green and sweetener. It was awesomeness.
1. Up n’ Down — Britney Spears
2. Zak and Sara — Ben Folds
3. Underdog — Audio Adrenaline
4. Dog Days Are Over — Florence & the Machine
5. Viva La Vida — Coldplay
6. Mud on the Tires — Brad Paisley
7. Help! — The Beatles
8. Jesus Freak — DC Talk
9. Authority Song — John Mellencamp
10. Single Ladies — Beyonce
11. Just a Dream — Nelly
12. Callin’ Baton Rouge — Garth Brooks
13. Do You Remember — Jay Shawn
14. Rehab — Amy Winehouse
15. Duffy — Mercy
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