I was really excited to hit up “Oya” with the ladies this week. I’ve been walking past it for five years now, always wondering what it might be like. I was surprised to find out they specialized in sushi and signature drinks. That was just fine by me — two of my favorite things!

I started off with a “Momtaro” in the bar for happy hour. This drink is described as “peach-infused vodka, triple sec and white cranberry.” With a cherry to boot — sign me up! It was delicious. When we were seated, I changed it up and ordered something that I can’t find on their online menu. I know it was something with cucumber-infused vodka — which reminded of the vodka infusion bar I visited with Anne in Denver. I really need to find one of those places around here! DC-ers, you know of one?

Both drinks were great but the lighting in the restaurant was very dim. Thus, none of my photos turned out well. It was kind of a fancy and “romantic” atmosphere — great place for a cozy date for sure. I ended up ordering two sushi rolls (pictured above) and they were very good but not great. Each was around $11-12 so with drinks, things get expensive. Our server was really good and the curvy booth we got was comfy and appropriately private.

Overall, “Oya” was a good experience and I enjoyed the food, drinks, atmosphere and friends. Next time, I’d like to try something from the regular menu and of course a couple new delicious cocktails!

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