Cake Batter Martinis
*From How Sweet It Is, who got it from grin and bake it
makes a single serving, is easily multiplied
— 1 ounce amaretto
— 1 1/2 ounces Pinnacle whipped cream vodka
— 1 1/2 ounces creme de cacao
— 1/2 ounce Godiva white chocolate liqueur
— 1 ounce heavy cream
— assorted sprinkles (nonpareils work best)
— frosting or chocolate syrup

When I saw Cake Batter Martinis on “How Sweet It Is” — I knew they were for me. I love cake, I love batter, I love martinis (and sprinkles!). Jessica made hers look amazing but I had a few mishaps on the way to making mine.

One — if I had bought all the ingredients (see below), I would have gone bankrupt. It takes a lot of “special sauce” to make liquor taste like cake (and remain adequately strong!). So, I improvised and instead of the White Chocolate Godiva Liquor, ended up using sugar-free vanilla flavoring that I already had at home. By the way, the Godiva is totally worth at least a one-time investment. I might have used to buy it all the time and just drink it on the rocks. Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with chocolate?

Secondly, nearly the entire bottle of Creme de Cacao I bought (only $10 thank god!) spilled in the car so now my car smells like chocolate alcohol. Mmm, not so bad really. I brought this pack of stuff to Jenny’s for the clothing swap and could only make 2-3 drinks after the mishap. Then, no one wanted strong liquor drinks on a Sunday afternoon. Go figure 🙂 So basically, I had three (or something). Anyhoo….

However, I still thought they looked cute and despite these semi-horrible photos, I wanted to share. Next time, I will get all the ingredients and come a little closer to making mine look as gorgeous as Jessica’s!

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