Yesterday, we spent the day day being tourists in our own city. There’s really so much to D.C. that you could explore something new every weekend. Though I basically loathe museums, I still think they are interesting and went with Rick to the Museum of Natural History — as well as taking a stroll to the White House. For some reason, it just makes me totally exhausted walking around the, though, especially on a hot, D.C. day.

I know we’ve all heard about dinosaurs our entire live but it is still crazy to think about their existence. I was a huge fan of the show “Land of the Lost” when I was a kid and have always been fascinated with time travel. Museums sort of offer us the only opportunity we have to mimic such an experience!

We took so many photos that I could hardly post them all here but I put them in a Flickr box so you can check out the day. We also visited the Art Museum and saw the picture painted by an ancestor of mine, Jacob Eicholtz. It is in one of the front rooms so its pretty amazing we are related! Here is the famous painting:

Rick is actually a really fun person to go to museums with because he is truly fascinated by history and so eager to learn more about everything. I told him he was going to be one of those dorky dad’s that gets really excited about things and when they are teenagers will constantly be rolling their eyes at him. It’s true but it is still one of the things I love most about him.

He was really excited to hang out with the dinosaurs. 
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