It’s 4th of July weekend so you know what that means — BBQs, food and drinks! Today, we were invited to a party at Tabitha & Lyndsey’s house again. I was excited to contribute some sort of appetizer so I settled on caprese pasta salad. I personally LOVE anything caprese and this was super simple.

I’m loving this three day weekend and it’s kind of fun to staying in DC for this holiday. Plenty of people come here for the weekend so I feel celebratory staying put. Plus, I have some vacation coming up soon (hello Indiana in two weeks!). Stay tuned for an update on the party and the delicious food I meet there!

Caprese Pasta Salad

— Rottini pasta
— cherry tomatoes
— fresh mozzarella balls
— Fresh basil (or basil flakes)
— Salt & Pepper

Directions: Make pasta, mix it all together and voila!

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