Ahh the running saga continues! After last week’s battle of the back, I was feeling a teensy bit better this week. I took it easy over the course of the week and thought I might be back in the swing of things for the Saturday long run, which was for 10 miles. But, Friday night, I could feel tension and was also just worn down so I skipped out. I began having a somewhat defeatist attitude about training, thinking I had been so dedicated to maintaining the training and now, it was all going down the drain. Next week I’m out of town and that’s always hit or miss on getting your runs in, especially on a 14-mile weekend!

So this morning, feeling tired and discouraged, I went to the gym with Rick. Even when we arrived, I felt like leaving and considered just walking a few miles or doing some weights. But, thank you Runners World! I brought the latest issue with me — always feeling guilty reading it on the treadmill if I’m NOT running so I kicked it off with a run. Sure enough, reading the articles and feeling my endorphins let loose within a few minutes made me want to keep on. Since I had rested my body from running for the most part for about 10 days, it was actually raring and ready to go. The interesting thing is, I would have never known this from how dreary I felt before heading to the gym. I really goes to show you how “just starting” can truly make all the difference.

My fuel for today. Probably not enough but I had a big bowl of ice cream before bed last night and honestly it helped.

It is SO hot outside today and I knew I had missed by outdoor running window. Even with my fun run on the treadmill, I didn’t think there was ANY way I could hit the 10-mile marker for the weekend. But, the more I ran, the more I felt it was possible. Since Rick and I drove to the gym together, I knew he’d be ready to go before I hit 10. Still, I continued and upped from a 6.7 pace to a 7 at mile 6.5. At 9 miles, we left and I intended on finishing my last mile at the apartment gym. It crossed my mind to run a few outside but at noon in 90 degree weather, I was deterred by the “running in the heat” article in the magazine. (couldn’t find this one online to link)

The 10 minute ride home decreased my motivation to finish. But…Rick said he would go to the store to spinach and bananas for my ultra “green monster” so I chugged some water, ate half a honey stinger and  headed over to the gym and kicked out three more miles, while reading the story about the Beer and Running guy in Runners World. Success — the magazine got me through 12 whole miles on the treadmill and let me tell you — that NEVER happens. I am NOT a treadmill type of girl.

Downing a few of these after 12 miles is a must!

So now, my whole demeanor has change and I feel amazing for getting back on training track. Plus, I’m extra thankful that my back doesn’t hurt a bit and maybe just maybe last week was just a fluke! Please! In the three marathons I’ve run, I’ve never really stayed regular with training. I am hoping my dedication this time around will result in a good race with a faster pace. I am signed up for Baltimore and plan on buying a bib from someone for Marine Corps, which is two weeks later.

Thank running and thank you Runners World for helping me through and getting me back on track today!

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