Saturday we had the awesome opportunity to head a mile town the road to Tabitha & Lyndsey’s house for a pre-4th of July BBQ/Birthday party on their lovely deck. I’m kind of obsessed with decks and lawnchairs and grills and humidity and lightning bugs and extra-charred hot dogs, goopy potato salad and let’s not forget, pina coladas.

Let me be honest, I would never intentionally order a pina colada. They are hardly known for their alcoholic content. I mean, you might as well order a Slurpee. Or so I thought. Alexa came over with her miracle pina colada mix, a large handle of Rum and whatever else she dumped into the blender. What came out was creamy coconut goodness that quickly gave me an ice cream headache! It was awesome on a hot, humid, summery, decky night!

See how exciting it was just MAKING these babies?

So we sipped and talked and hung out to the glorious smells of charcoaled food, a fantastic 90s mix and our own delightful conversation. It was the perfect kickoff to a nice, long weekend of food, fun and relaxing. Sadly, we skipped the fireworks but after a long Monday, going into DC just seemed like too much. I did fondly remember catching candy from the fire trucks as a kid watching the parade and rolling down the church hill at dusk waiting for the fireworks to start. I would run around with a sparkler and wait in anticipation for the GRAND FINALE — my favorite part. I can’t wait to have kids and introduce them to the magic only children can grasp.

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