Like my new shorts? Well, good cuz they were cheap! I’m an abnormal chick, in that I don’t like to shop. It’s such a CHORE for me and browsing? Don’t even get me started. I hate browsing, which means I rarely find a good deal. I’ve solved this problem by shopping only at a few stores, which include Old Navy, Target, New York & Co. and most of all, Express.

When I moved, my awesome coupons stopped showing up at my house. I called Express, I went to the store and begged for them to keep sending. Lacking a printer and being forgetful, I was having trouble remembering the online coupons sent to my email. Finally — mysteriously — I began receiving my coupons again two days ago. Oddly enough, I’m now getting two sets but nevertheless, I was excited. I mean, these things are a good deal and of course I always spend more than I mean to. Yesterday, I hit up Express and found some good sales plus my coupons and was able to get five items for only $132, which is pretty good (I think.)

I’m featuring only my two favorite items here. Not pictured are a pair of “Editor style” pants that were only $23 and get this — a size 4. I was totally weirded out by THAT but hey, if Express wants me to wear a size 4, I will 🙂

ALSO new was my breakfast. I’ve read on other blogs about these “overnight oats” and yesterday I commented on Kath’s blog about how I’d never really seen anyone eat plain oats without the water. Apparently, it’s done all the time! So, I tried my hand at my own batch of “overnight oats.” I simply mixed raw oatmeal with strawberry yogurt a bit of almond milk and frozen blueberries and let it sit in the fridge over night. In the morning — after my seven mile dash (superhard with sore legs from yesterday’s lunges) — I pulled it out, added bananas slices, a spoonful of almond butter and a few sprinkles of coco powder. Obviously, it was delicious! (Unfortunately, this photo does NOT do the taste justice!) Thanks to Kath for inspiring me to go for it!

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