I must apologize for the bad quality of all the pictures entailed in this blog post. Sadly, my iphone is not doing us justice and I forgot my camera cord to upload the real photos so those have to wait. Nevertheless, I wanted to give you an update from Indiana! Obviously, featured above is the world’s cutest baby — Giovanna Lane! Oh I love and miss her more than words! So incredibly sweet and cute!

Yesterday we spend the day on Lake Monroe on a double decker pontoon boat with a slide. It was so great to be with the family members that I love so dearly but never get to see. (More photos to come later of that day.) It was the nicest day too, breezy and beautiful but the water wasn’t cold either.

So I’ve spent most of my time so far sitting around and relaxing, which has been great. One of my favorite things about coming home actually is waking up early and drinking coffee with parents and talking. We usually watch the news and just talk about whatever — it’s a really nice, non-pressure time to just be with each other without the distraction of the day or obligations or anything. When Giovanna wakes up, the day gets even better. She is delicious in the morning, so wide-eyed and happy and smiley. Oh the things we DO to make her baby laugh come to life. To see her eyes light up and her cheeks squish together — she is pure joy to be with. We just sit and watch her forever and I have been taping things like this:

This morning, mom and I got up for a 14-mile run. Man, it seemed like it would be rough but I ran at her slower pace and it made the whole thing much easier. No music, just the nice running path, woods, nature and good company. My favorite part was the “Cows crossing” signs — something you don’t see in DC!

Now I’m sitting here awaiting lunch with my aunts and grandma at Scotty’s — which I love! Tonight is my grandparent’s 50th anniversary party out at McCormick’s Creek. It’s going to be a wonderful night, full of people who dont’ get to see eachother enough. I’m once again reminded of how incredibly blessed I am. I never want to forget to appreciate this gift of family. And I won’t!

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