It was Tiffany’s 29th birthday this weekend so we celebrated in style on the rooftop of she and Aaron’s new apartment. It was a perfect summer night — a little humidity, a little breeze and comfortable temp for a sleeveless (and one shouldered!) dress. Her mom and her brother Brad surprised her with a trip to D.C. — and many friends were able to make the party so I think she had an awesome day.

Tiffany and I met in 2002 as roommates in a 9-person house in college. Of all the girls in the house, she and I have stayed the closest. After college, she moved to Texas and I moved to South Carolina. After visiting her in Austin, I moved to D.C. and she ended up moving here a year later. I’m so glad she did, as we’ve been able to maintain a strong and important friendship over the years. We have had our ups and downs, as good friends do, but I’m overjoyed to have one of my best friends right here in D.C. All the rest of my past is scattered across the country or back in Indiana. Love you Tiff and happy birthday!

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