Walking down King Street after a sale stroll into Gap and Banana Republic, we were honngggry. While Old Town Alexandria is a favorite spot for us, we’d never been to Jackson 20, the restaurant attached to a hotel a couple blocks from the water. It was brunch time so it was buzzin’ and it was extremely hot so I was in the mood for something light.

I was actually feeling very anxious because Saturday morning I hurt my back and was unable to do marathon training this weekend. A couple of years ago, the same thing happened and I couldn’t run for five months. I don’t know if it will be like that this time but without an option to run, I always feel sort of chained in. It’s partly a control issue, partly a freedom issue. I can usually eat what I want and go about my life when I can run and workout freely. When I can’t control my workouts as I choose, my anxiety levels about food intensify. So today, I was feelin’ it.

Thus, I ordered the fruit plate and the brunch salad but both turned out to be amazing. The fruit plate was enormous with a broad variety of colorful fruits. So many restaurants go way too heavy on melon and cantaloupe because it’s cheap. I don’t really like those so I was glad to see much more. My salad was amazing, with sides of oranges, grapefruit and apples. The citrus dressing was light but creamy and it was literally the best veggie salad I have ever had.

Additionally, our waitress was very friendly and helpful. The only negative was that it was very hot but we had a great experience overall. Rick ordered the eggs with hashbrowns and said the hashbrowns were absolutely the best he has ever tasted; perfectly buttery, browned and crisp!

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