Now, ya’ll know a restaurant starts off two notches above the fray for me if they have sweet potato fries. Even better if they make me my own batch, cooked extra crispy. ‘Course I only ask for that when I have the craving! On this particular day, I did not but I still had to have them.

Elephant & Castle
is my go-to restaurant when doing touristy things in D.C. During our day in D.C., we went there and I got the one thing that always stands out to me: the grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with cracked pepper. I was one starving girl so I demolished this tasty sandwich though sadly, I was disappointed in my sweet potato fries. To be honest, I feel like I’ve had so many sweet potato fries lately, I’m getting sick of them. Weird right? Well anyway, Rick had a turkey club piled high that looked pretty good.

Since we stopped ordering alcohol much at meals out, I’ve realized how much we were spending on it, considering even just two lunch meals cost over $30 at fairly normal priced restaurant. When we first started dating, we went out to eat constantly and now it’s kind of a rare occurance. I can only imagine how much money we could have saved by scaling it back! Oh well, guess that’s how it is when you first start out.

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