Never have I loved a yogurt more. See, I’ve always eaten yogurt as part of getting my daily “dairy.” And, I admit, it’s usually been the slightly sugary kind and I never totally loved it. I’ve also been a tad picky because I never liked the yogurt with gloppy hunks of fruit at the bottom that you had to mix into tightly packed layer of vanilla. So, I usually bought the pre-flavored kinds and was just done with it. Then, I discovered Chobani — thanks to my friends in the foodie blog world.

I would read about everyone’s breakfasts on my favorite blogs and they all listed Chobani in their morning yogurt bowls as if yogurt itself no longer existed. It was just Chobani. Well, I had to see what all the hype was about so…I shelled out the $1.75 each for three of them a few weeks ago. I was NOT disappointed. I mean…it’s pricy but it’s so delicious and perfect that I can’t help myself. Chobani is Greek yogurt which was a little scary to me because I’ve always found Greek yogurt to be too tart. Not Chobani…it’s light on the tart and full on the flavor.

I tweeted about my love for the brand and social media rockstars that they are, they emailed me a thank you and offered to send over sample pack. I was SO excited to pick up the goods yesterday. I was afraid they would have gotten warm waiting for me to get home from work but the yogurt gods knew — they were packed heavy with ice packs. Opening the box was like a long awaited present and I was insanely pumped to see all those different flavors! They’ve sealed my love for good and I recommend you all try it out!

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