I had been eyeing this gorgeous Italian restaurant near my house for months. I run by Socci Urban Italian Grill it almost every day and it’s just so modern and trendy looking on the outside. It’s in an odd location so I always wondered what kind of business they got. Lucky for me, Rick surprised me with a visit there for our one-year anniversary dinner. Let me just say…I was pretty excited. When we were first dating, we always went out to eat but it’s not quite so much anymore as we are trying to save money. Plus, going out to eat so much sort of lost it’s luster. Special occasions are just the trick!

I was really impressed by the inside and by the delicious Italian food. I really wanted to go snapping photos all over the restaurant because it was so pretty and unique but I figured I’d avoid embaressing myself for the evening. I was excited to order a Belvedere Cosmopolitan (see above! yum!) and an appetizer of  Fresh Burrata, which was described in the menu as “fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream with a ‘buttery’ texture, cracked black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, basil and tomato.” Yum!!

I got the basic spaghetti and meatballs with ricotta cheese. It seemed like the right choice and what the server called the chef’s specialty. What I loved most? The ricotta cheese seemed extra sweet, something I’m not used to in cheese. This must have been blended with sugar! Since Rick decided he didn’t like the burrata, I chose to add his portion to the rest of my meal, which turned out to be the best idea I’ve had in months 🙂 My cheese obsession is getting worse! Actually, for years I deprived myself of cheese always fearing the fat and extra calories (eating disorder mentality) but no longer! I’ve made some great strides this year in overcoming food issues and I really do owe a lot of that to reading healthy living blogs that love and appreciate good, quality food (including cheese!). My meal is picture above and Rick got some kind of amazing steak:

Love him:

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