Nearly everyday, I see these beautiful granola and/or oat bowls on my favorite blogs. Courtney, Julie, Kath and Jenna are practically professionals at slapping these things together! And I admit it — I CAVED to the almond butter. When you read so many people salivating over almond butter on a daily basis, it sure makes you wonder what you are missing! I tried almond butter several years ago and wasn’t that into it but for whatever reason, I’m now in loved with it.

After two long doctors appointments today, I was in starvation mode by the time I got home at nearly 2pm to eat lunch. Since I’m NEVER home to make this stuff, I dug in to my Kashi granola, blueberries (been eating those like a champ everyday), a heaping spooful of almond butter, drizzles of chocolate and honey and almond milk. It was SO good! It’s truly amazing how much better delicious HEALTHY food tastes then delicious unhealthy food. And I love my healthy fats — avocados, peanut butter, bring it on. I will usually eat as much as I want without feeling bad.

Granola bowls will be a staple in my eating future!

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